We all remember the scene from Pulp Fiction where undeniable badass Harvey Keitel knocks on the door and says, “I’m Winston Wolfe.  I solve problems.  May I come in?”

 A good consultant does just that.  Solves problems, instills you with the confidence that you are in capable hands, and approaches the work with vigor and personality.  I don’t rock a suit like Harvey, but then who does, really?


 When hiring a consultant, you shouldn’t just feel like you’re paying some dude to come in and be a know-it-all, and that you’re only hiring him because he’s the guy who knows the guy you need.  When you hire me, the first thing you should expect is a dialogue.  Success is based on clear communication, an understanding of the scope of the work and the goals of the project, and how quickly we need to achieve them. 

 It’s a partnership.  I’ll bring all the experience (both successes and failures), creativity, and drive to your project that I would to my own business.  I am honest about what I know and what I don’t.   I’m calm under fire, quick on my feet, and I say please and thank you.   Just like Mr. Wolfe


Nonprofits are amazing.  They are, by definition, groups of individuals who have united over something they believe in strongly and want to support with their time, energy, and resources.  This is where community lives and thrives. 

 I have had the privilege of working with great nonprofit arts organizations in a variety of roles.  I have served as a board member with sleeves rolled up, as a lead organizing / operating officer, and as a fundraiser making successful asks to the National Endowment for the Arts and a multitude of other foundations and individual contributors.

 Austin Poetry Slam, Executive Director / Artistic Director, 1995 – 2010

One World Theater, Development Director, 2006 – 2007

 Rude Mechanicals Theater Collective, Development Director,  2002 – 2003

 Poetry Slam, Inc, Executive Council Member, 1998 -- 2002 / 2006 -- 2007 & Board President, 1999 -- 2002

 Salvage Vanguard Theater, Member of founding Board of Directors, 1997 -- 1999

Completed certifications at the University of Texas in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Management